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Down Jackets

We present the new line of women's down jackets designed by Censured. They are outerwear that everyone can use on any occasion and in any weather. Made from the finest fabrics complemented by cutting-edge technology, the down jackets guarantee exceptional comfort without neglecting style and the desire for a unique look. For today's woman, who is always busy and therefore very attentive to her outfit, Censured offers versatile garments of the highest quality. They range from long, wrap-around down jackets to short down jackets with synthetic padding in shiny, iridescent colours. In all one can recognise the professionalism of an Italian brand that has become a leader in the outerwear market. The standard composition of the Censured women's down jackets is 100% nylon with windproof and water-repellent characteristics; with warm but light padding they allow maximum freedom of movement. Of note are the finishes, with fine and decidedly trendy details. The range of colours is vast: the classic sand, red and black are joined by refined silver and bronze to satisfy even the most demanding. Discover the new collection of Censured women's down jackets, the brand that allows women to wear winter clothes without having to give up fashion style.

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