Censured is a young brand inspired by street culture and street style that, since the mid of 90’s, presents trendy clothing for men and women at competitive prices. 

The name Censured refers to those social and cultural movements that, during the period of 70's and 80's, influenced music, art and in general the lifestyle. Censured’s mood is inspired by a vision of the city as a space to live and a space to communicate and express yourself.

Censured is direct, metropolitan, young. Censured means expressing your ideas in freedom without schemes, living the city, moving outside the metropolitan barriers. Basic items are mixed with trendy ones to create a young, changing and versatile look perfect for every occasion.

We love thinking we are dressing young people who have our own vision. People able to censor fears and break down barriers. Versatile and adaptable men and women, constantly moving in this liquid and changing time.