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Discover Censured's summer sales: on the entire Men's and Women's Spring Summer 2024 collection. A wide range of clothing and accessories for those who love a casual, yet glamorous style in everyday life and beyond. Fresh, must-have garments for your wardrobe. Discover the collection of cute t-shirts with prints and colourful pockets perfect for your summer looks. Seize the opportunity and don't miss the timeless Censured leather jackets, available in many models and colour variations. Don't miss our line of light and sleeveless padded down jackets and jackets in leather and faux leather. Keep an eye on your favourite products and take the Censured style on holiday.

  1. Women's sale 199item
  2. Men's sale 411item
  1. CHF 0.00 - CHF 99.99 395item
  2. CHF 100.00 - CHF 199.99 184item
  3. CHF 200.00 - CHF 299.99 28item
  4. CHF 300.00 - CHF 399.99 14item
  5. CHF 400.00 and above 3item