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beanies & scarves

Accessories can always make a difference, as they can enrich and make any outfit more special. Especially when it comes to women's hats and scarves, you can add stylish notes to your look to appear more fashionable, jaunty, mysterious or trendy. Censured's wide range of winter beanies and hats includes solutions that protect against the cold, are easy to match and have an easy, urban style, such as beanies or bucket hats, i.e., fisherman's hats, quilted or in warm sherpa fleece, which have recently come back into fashion. For those who like a retro look and style, cloche hats, made of soft and fluffy faux fur, are a must. They are warm and ideal for completing winter looks. Thanks to these hats, it will be easy to enhance facial features, bring out their merits and minimize small flaws. As for scarves, again you will be spoiled for choice, as you can order warm, wrap-around versions online, with bangs and to choose from many color combinations. Curated women's hats and scarves turn out to be very successful gift ideas, to be chosen without following predefined rules, but being inspired only by your own aesthetic taste. These elements can be worn from morning to night and can be combined with just about everything, i.e. with jeans, longuette skirts, coats, down jackets, jumpers, blouses, blazers, sleeveless suits and bomber jackets. There are more solutions than you might think, so it will not be difficult at all to find the ones that suit you.

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